A home collection created by

Kim Ficaro. Inspired by her travels and desire to create spaces that feel lived in and well loved, through thoughtful choices. Kim's career as a prop/interior stylist and set designer for 15 years as well as style editor and author, has all informed her love of beautiful design, objects, and craft as she traveled and sourced throughout the world.   In 2016 she was able to create the beginnings of her own line where she could express another side of the creative process while being able to produce slowly in places she respects and loves. The current collection is being produced by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico honoring the craft and tradition.  We celebrate the imperfections, the beautiful subtle differences in tones, color, and texture which make these pieces sing, and most importantly the feeling of the artists hands in every piece.

"...she is an astute and respectful observer of how to be a traveler in the world: what it means to submerge deeply into the sensory details of place; how to honor culture, history, and tradition; how to come back from a journey better than when you left."- interview for Apiece Apart Travels- by Leigh Patterson